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U.K. Engineered E-Coat Kettlebell


U.K. Engineered E-Coat Kettlebell


Built tough to last a lifetime. We have a supply of freshly cast 12kg, 16kg and 20kg kettlebells available now. Once cast, they will be cleaned up, e-coated and powder coated then shipped out directly to your door. Order now not to miss out.

Why you will ❤️ your Original Kettlebell

  • Lifetime Guarantee on the Materials
  • 100% Made in the UK 🇬🇧
  • e-coat and powder coated for durability
  • Machined flat base for stability

Unlike many other companies who are out of stock and waiting for their oversea supplier, we are working double-time to get more UK made kettlebells into your hands. Thanks for all of your support so far!

Built Tough To Last A Lifetime

Guaranteed Tough

  • The Ultimate Finish

    Original Kettlebells are finished to perfection. Every kettlebell is shot blasted, fettled, e-coated and powder coated to provide the highest quality, toughest finish available on the market. 

  • The Perfect Handle

    The gently curved handle comes with a smooth surface. It has just enough texture to ensure a secure, comfortable grip and enhanced control. The wide handle can be held with one hand or two for endless workout options.

  • Machined Flat Base

    The machined flat bottom makes it easy to do renegade rows and other exercises which require a flat bottom. Our kettlebells provide the stable base you need to achieve the ultimate workout. 

  • Supporting British Jobs

    Feel good about your purchase in the knowledge that you are supporting British manufacturing jobs. Not only is the workmanship top quality, but there's also no need to wait for lengthy overseas delivery.